Gloria Tep – the exotic beauty with a fabulous personality.


I had wanted Gloria Tep to win the contest and in my last post predicted she might walk away with the title. I was torn between Danielle and Gloria. But somehow I knew that Danielle had a better chance of winning. It wasn’t expected that Gloria would come third. My heart bleeds to see Gloria in 3rd place. I thought she should atleast come second. No doubt Danielle deserved to win. There is no question about it. I am happy for Danielle since she was my favourite too. In the end the one who is the best wins.

Gloria for me is a winner. She has won the heart of millions. In a show where there is competition, there is bound to be bitterness, negativity, gossips, cat-fights etc. But she, with her good personality, remain grounded all throughout the show. There was so much of positivity in her without sounding negative or bitchy. She is like a breath of fresh air and brings life to the show. Even if she came third, she has proven herself and I don’t have any doubt she will be a great model someday. But like Lisa said Gloria is no more just an average model she is now a model who has walked Lakme Fashion Week. I wish her all the very best and hope to follow her journey in the future. Maybe she will give me a reason to write about her again. Meanwhile, take a look at her best shots in India’s Next Top Model show. You will just be amazed and fall in love with her.









Photo Credits: MTV India and India’s Next Top Model

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