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Indian beauty queens are known for their intelligence, wits and charms. How do they get to be so intelligent? I think it’s in their genes.  It’s in their genes to learn, to know and to speak. They enter beauty pageants not to win solely by their beauty alone but also by their wits and intelligence. Indian beauty queens are smart enough to cover up their flaws and let something else shine for them while other delegates would go under the knife to fix their flaws externally. One of the reason for them being so eloquent is that they read a lot about the world affairs through newspaper, journal, magazines, General Knowledge books and they read about their respective pageant host country. Would you believe it? If you look at the 90s Indian beauty queen at international platform, that’s a testimony to it. That doesn’t mean today beauty queens are less intelligent. Many of Miss India have said they do it as a part of their self training. In any pageant, the evening gown and the question and answer round are very exciting to watch. The former shows the grace and elegance side of the contestants the latter shows the wit, humour and shrewd side of the contestants. And in just a matter of minute, the way she speaks changes a beauty queens life. So here are the interviews of Miss India who have managed to get into the top 10 in the international pageants and be there to speak and charm everyone who are watching them. But before that next time they should be asked, “Why is India so intelligent?” like it is asked in Miss World, “Why do you want to be Miss World?”

MADHU SAPRE – MISS UNIVERSE 1992 2nd Runner up

Top 6 Interview

Dick Clark to Madhu Sapre, “You’re a very serious athlete. Who’s your coach?” “My father.” Madhu_SapreMadhu replied. “Is he difficult?” asks Dick. Madhu replies, “Not really, he’s like a friend. I fight with him but we are back together again but when he has to be strict, he’s very strict.” Dick asked, “Now you say you fight with him. What do you fight about with your father coach?” Madhu gave a cute little “oh no” type giggle and then immediately responded. “Most of the time, many times, I go, late night out for parties and in the morning, I can’t get up for jogging so he’ll come and put water on me or, you know, pinch me or something so that time we fight!” The audience laughed out loud at the “water throwing” and it was clear that Madhu was a favourite. Dick asked if her father was in the audience. Madhu pointed him out and Madhu’s father smirked a little looking a tad embarrassed. Dick goes, “Oh, I don’t know if we can get a camera to him but she’s saying he throws water. An alarm clock might have been easier!”Dick proceeded to ask, “You’re obviously well-trained. What sort of person are you now with all of this heavy-duty training?” Madhu replied, “Um, I can say that I have learned a lot after coming here. And I know how to take care physically, how to be fit, but after coming here, I know how to behave and how much I have to improve upon more so I think I am not perfect, but little bit okay!”

The top 3 interview (final question) that put her to the bottom position from the top in just a matter of a minute “If you became leader of your country tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?” She answered: “I think the first thing I’ll do is, I’ll open up a big, biggest, uh, I can say, sports track and field ground in India because I think we are lacking that and that’s the first thing I’ll do!”


To a question asked by Michael Dorn: “I would not want to live forever because I don’t believe that one can live forever. And so, I don’t think I would want to live forever!” With this answer she came in the 6th position.hqdefault

At the MISS ASIA PACIFIC 1993 (1st runner up)

Nicholas Siscily, “ If you could charm to speak to the young people of the world, what would you tell them?”

Namrata: “I would tell them that they should work hard and with determination and hard work they are sure to succeed. I would also tell them to have patience in trial of tribulation in life. They should work towards achieving their goals.”


The top 10 interview

Bob Goen(host), “You said in the parade of nation India being the country where love is the essence of life. Can you talk on that?” Sushmita: “India is a multicultural nation where people practice many different religions and speak 168 different languages and that to some extent, there’s peace and people live in harmony in spite of their differences which is very difficult.” Bob also asked being a public figure in India how did she managed for herself. Sush replied, “Every human being must have two faces. It’s very essential – one which you have for people in public and one which you have for yourself because when these two different things when you mix these two, it makes you a person which has just a personality which fits for everyone not just for oneself. I think it is very essential one should have it and I have it too.”

sushmita2The top 6 Interview

Florence LaRue – “If you have time and money to embark upon a great adventure, what would it be? Answer, “Well, I think adventure is something I enjoy from within me and children are the little thing that can bring adventure in your life. And If I have the time and money, I would do something, I wouldn’t say I would do something for the children who are downtrodden, any child with whom I can go out and have fun.”

The Final Question: “What’s the essence of being a woman?”

Sushmita: “Just being a woman is God’s gift. The origin of a child is a mother, a woman. Woman is sharing, she shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.”


The evening gown and semi final interview

The question was “ What would you do if you win the crown tonight?” Aishwarya said, “If I go on to become Miss World today, I shall take over from Lisa onto my duty with utmost sincerity and dedication and embark upon to become an ambassador of goodwill and peace, compassion, harmony and do full justice to our motto Beauty with a purpose and remember guys, I’ll always be there” aishwarya3nov19

Aishwarya Rai’s answer to the final question, which she received from Katherine Kelly Lang, “What qualities should Miss World 1994 posses?”

“The Miss Worlds that we have had up-to-date have been proof enough that they have had compassion, compassion for the underprivileged. Not only the people who have status and stature, who can look beyond the barriers that man, have set up for ourselves of nationality, and colour. That, for me, makes a true Miss World. A true person, a real person. Thank you.”


Top 10 Interview

“Do you know what you want to do after your master’s? I know master’s is a lot of hard work.” brar10Manpreet replied, “I plan to do it in Human Resource Development and the main reason for doing it in that is because I come from a country which has a vast population. With a country like that, you use the population to your advantage, you’re on the road to progress.” , Bob questions her, “Now it takes a lot of hard work to get your master’s, doesn’t it?” Manpreet was witty enough to response, “Just one step ahead of her bachelor’s.” Bob satirically said, “Well, I know that, but is it a lot of homework and a lot of studying?” Manpreet, “Well, I think you just have to be a little regular with it and just a little focused, not myopic, just focused.” Rounding up the interview Bob ended with a question, “Do you have any spare time and if so, how do you use it?” Manpreet at her clever best, “Well, I think time management is the key to success so I do have a lot of spare time.” Manpreet was wise enough and subtlety answered her question maintaining he composure. She ended by saying, “I spend most of that spare time studying a little bit of graphology which is Hindi writing analysis and I also do a little bit of meditation and yoga also in the mornings.”

Top 6 Interview

Zakes Mokae asked, “If you found yourself in a situation where you were being discriminated against because of race, what would you do?” Manpreet ans: “There is a saying that goes, ‘If your back is bent only then will somebody climb on it,’ so stand up straight and nobody will ever climb on your back, that’s all.”

Top 3 Final Question

The question asked to the these 3 ladies were, “If you have the power to do anything to improve the status of women in your country what would you do?” Manpreet Ans., “I would give the women in my country the ability and the right to choose, the right to choose their life, the right to choose what they want to do in their life. Only then the individual their mother, daughter, their wives can think like an individual. Thinking living individual.”


Top 10 Interview

hqdefault (1)Bob Goen the host asked Sandhya about climbing the Himalayas and it might have taken them an overnight or longer and what did they wear. Sandhya replied, “I have climbed the Himalayas twice and it took me 6 weeks for the first time.” (Bob a little surprised, You’re kidding!). “We wear really warm cloths’ cos it’s really freezing and you sleep in a tent and when you cannot find ground showing through the snow, so you pitched your tent on the snow.” Bob, “Would you be doing it again?” Sandhya, “Yes, I hope to do it every year. It’s the most wonderful experience. I love it”


Rani picked the question from Amir Khan, “What has been the greatest influenced in your life?”thumb

Ans., “The greatest influenced in my life has been my mother. She taught me the power of love. She also taught me to believe in myself. She also taught me that believing in yourself is the first steps to being the best.”

Post the pageant, media reported that only had she mentioned that her mother was dead, she would have won the crown. Rani defended her answer saying that mentioning about her mother’s death would be like using her name and would mean she doesn’t live inside her.



Top 10 Interview

When she came and did that Namaste gesture to the audience it was very dramatic. George Hamilton, the host ask, “What attracted you in the field of human resource?”

Nafisa: “My interest in human resource basically developed from my interest in the situation of my country and from which I want to do Law carrying onto HRD that is human resource development and it is my basic concern for humanity and the poor and downtrodden.” George, “What is the greatest injustice in the world?” She replied, “Bringing a Child into this world and not even being able to offer him or her peace.” The audience gave a thunderous applause.



Diana had a clean swept that night winning best in swimsuit and Photogenic. Diana Hayden said, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen! In what I believe in, tonight I would like to draw an inspiration from the once and great poetic W B Yeats’s quotes ‘in dream begins responsibility’ For me this title is my dream and the responsibility it brings will cherish and in some ways help the dreams of others.”


Top 10 Interview

Lymaraina was really good that night. She was just beautiful and oozing with confidence. Delegates were asked about another delegates countries. She was asked mainly about Costa Rica since Miss Costa Rica was her studies partner.

lymaJack Wagner the presenter, “You wanna become a child psychologist. What did you learn about children of Costa Rico?” Lymaraina, “The children in Costa Rico are pretty much raised as anywhere else in the world. Their sense of family value in Costa Rico is strong. I think if you have that in a country then you can be sure that your children are brought up well.”

Jack Wagner, “you want to open your own chain of restaurant. What did you learn about Costa Rican foods?” Lyma: “The food in Costa Rico, well their favourite food is called Gallo Pinto which is rice and beans which is surprisingly that’s pretty much the same in my country as well but the Costa Rican are not used to spicy food, they like their food little bland.” Jack interrupted her saying she might wanna sneak in some hot sauce in their food, Lymaraina replied, “I’ll just carry my chilly powder whenever I go there.”


Top 10 Interview

gul-panagHer smiles were very appealing. Love her spontaneity and her intelligent. Her first answer to the question was really humorous. She was superb and stunning.

Jack Wagner, “What’s one thing in Mexico that you can do but can get you into trouble in India?” Gul was all straight to the point. “Driving at the right side of the road that will get you really into trouble because in India we drive at the left side.”

Jack, “you’re a gold medallist in a debate competitions. What hot topic have you debate on here in Mexico?” Gul – “We had a debate on the conditions of Women and the social revolutions in Mexico and how the conditions of women have really improved in Mexico. The actual debate was whether this social revolution occurred earlier in India or in Mexico. I can see a serious debate”.


Melanie Sykes – “What’s your favourite food?” She answered, “My favourite food is Thai food. Yukta-Mookhey-miss-worldBecause it’s different and spicy” Melanie then said, “Why not Indian Food” and “you might be bored with it” Yukta – “I have had Indian food for the last 20 years and no, I don’t get bore of it. Thai food isn’t as spicy as Indian food.”

Melanie – “If you could be anyone in the world who would you be?” She replied, “Audrey Hepburn, I admired her inner beauty, compassion, her aura and the calmness within that is reflected in her.”

Melanie – “Which country would you like to go to?”  “Apart from India, I would like to go to Paris, France. I have never been there and it’s a country of models and that’s the place where I would like to be” said Yukta.


I still have to see a Miss India like Lara Dutta. She’s a complete package. Try to find a flaw in her, you’ll be dead tired while searching for the flaws. A person like her is born once a while. She is rare bread. Lara had said in an interview that she had prepared for the final question as she thought they might be asked as there were people protesting from day 1 in Cyprus. That’s what I call intelligent, sharp and having a six sense

f6628def11e518630bc17cbba1d66a8eTop 5 interview

Sinbad asked why she wanted to do skydiving. Adventurous Lara explained that she clocked in so much time as a passenger on a plane since both her father and sister were pilots that she wanted to try skydiving. When asked about women politicians in comparison to men, Lara responded that the difference lies in the degree of sensitivity carried by the women and women are very well-educated (those that are educated) and are standing shoulder to shoulder with men and making a mark in their own field. She also was asked to demonstrate a classical Indian dance called ‘Bharatanatyam’ but she explained that she couldn’t do it in the gown she was wearing since she needed to squat to dance and she explained the concept behind that particular style of dance and showed three hand gestures that are part of the dance. She had such poise and eloquence.

The Final question “Right now there’s a protest that had been staged in outside the stadium posing pageants as an affront to women. Convince them that they are wrong.”

Lara impressed the judges with her answered, “Pageants like Miss Universe give us young women a platform to foray in the fields that we want to and forge ahead, be it entrepreneurship, be it the armed forces, be it politics.” And added, “It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions and it makes us strong and independent that we are today.”


Top 10 interview To one of the questions asked at the MW pageant, she said, that she would Miss World Priyanka Chopra 2000use her success as a platform to influence people’s thoughts, minds and actions. When Jerry Springer told her last year winner was from India itself and she might have felt pressure, she replied, “I work best under pressure. When there’s pressure, there’s expectation, when there’s expectation then I thrive for enthusiasm.”

The final question

“Whom do you consider the most successful living woman, and why?” She answered, “There are a lot of people whom I admire and who have influenced me. One such person whom I admire from the bottom of my heart is Mother Teresa, for being so considerate, passionate and kind … giving up her life to put smiles on people’s faces. And I really respect her for that.”


3a-dia-missasiapacific“What are the three most important values that matter to you?”

She replied, “Love, Honesty and Friendship”, and with that answer, she had almost the entire audience rooting for her.


Top 5 interview

Marc Bouwer- one of the judge, asked her what motivates her. Celina tried to get a little01slide10 philosophical and stated, “the biggest motivating force in life is…your inner self. I, me, myself, myself, myself.” She was then asked to describe her family and she said that she came from a nuclear family, a loving and disciplined environment and some of her family members are in the army.

The final question: “If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be and why?”

A very provocative question. Interestingly enough, India was the only one who was able to think of something. She said there was a time she was bedridden and very ill and as a result missed the most important years of her life and she would have changed that.


fc28She was asked what she had learnt in the past one month in the run-up to the Miss World pageant, Femina Miss India-World 2003 Ami Vashi, who finished among the top five, replied: “I have always been the kind of person that lives life as if I were to die tomorrow because by living these ways I live each moment to its fullest and make the most of it out of life. But during these last month realized that I learnt as if I were to live forever I take every trial, every tribulation, every failure, every success as an opportunity and to extends my horizon and to grow as a person. And during these last month when we shared so much and we experienced extremes at every ends I have learned each moment….”


india.3Top 8 Interview

She Picked a letter M and the host showed her the M word in that was in the envelop. She said, “The word that I got is Mother, there’s so much to talk about these word. Women that posses the best asses is motherhood. She pampers her kids, learns, teaches the lessons to them and most importantly the reason I am here, is Mother Earth.”

Top 4 Question

“What kind of efforts must a countries’ government exert to stop global warming?”

Amruta ans: “I think Global Warming is a reason for every single problem that each one of the countries are facing. Let it be air pollution, water pollution, biodiversity and every country should unanimously make an effort to solve this problem. I don’t think it’s just NGOs, government responsibilities I think it’s every single citizen’s responsibilities to prevent this problem.”


She was so beautiful, radiant and cheerful that night. Love the way she reacts when asked the final question.


Top 8 interview

Jim Prentice from Australia question, “ What would you tell a leader of the environment whose very discouraged because people don’t seem to care?” Pooja: “Namaste, Mabuhay everyone! I think in this day and age we are all aware that there are environmental issues around the worlds. Yet it seems that it had to get everyone’s attention and unite to one really do something about it. I personally believe that there are always pros and cons towards any environmental action and I think of a wonderful saying by Robert Frost, ‘the woods are lovely, dark and deep and I have promises to keep but I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep. I would say try and try and please do not give up because one day if ninety percent of the people listen, then we are there.”

Top 4 Interview

“How would you describe the beauty of mother nature to a blind child?” Pooja’s Answered, “I would take the child hands in mine I would let him feel the mother Earth and her colours to describe different emotions. I would describe trees to different feelings I may feel. Green symbolizes the tree for happiness, red for sunset to love, blue for ocean.”



At the Miss World pageant, her reply to the question, “What does being in South Africa mean to you?” She said south Africa was so similar like her home country, India. She added that the people of South Africa were hospitable like Indians and that both nations have given the world respected leaders like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. She also pointed out that both nations shared a wonderfully diverse culture.



The question: “Which one is more significant to you right now – sunrise or sunset?”

Nicole’s answer was that she looked forward to sunrise as she was young and wait for the sunrise as it brings hope each new morning, a new day, a new life and experienced. The youth today should try to learn new things without limitation and try to grow.



Though she couldn’t go beyond the top 16, she got her fame for her simplicity, honest and forthright attitude. Her introduction video is a proof of that. Love every bit of it. It was straight from the heart, witty and amusing. Her intro video was a hit with pageant fans around the world and Donald trump even mentioned her in one of his tweets. Here is the excerpts from the video.

“What are your favourite holiday traditions?”

“I am blessed with a beautiful family and have two brothers and my parents honestly for us, holiday, you do not have to be in a very fancy place. It’s just the five of us together and we don’t really get a lot of chance to be together because everybody has to work. Whenever it is all of us together, it’s a holiday. It’s just fun being together talking about each other’s lives and or making fun of each other. It’s fun and every day becomes a holiday.”

“What has been your most interesting dating experience?”

“I went on a date with a guy who was a little geeky. So firstly he chose a movie called ‘Tron’ for our first date. It was a sci-fi game kind of movie. Not my kind of movie and definitely not a movie you take your girlfriend for but ok, never the less we went for it and once the movie started, the guy opens the computer starts about‘you know what this is Linux operating systems and then goes on and one about it and then I’m like Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut UP! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! So you had to go through the torture for two and half hours. But Yeah! It was a fun date.”

“If the world was going to end tomorrow, what is one crazy thing you would do?”

“So if the world was going to end tomorrow and one thing I would like to do is I would go to every single person I have had problems with and you know I was obliged to be nice to and go to them and tell them, ‘Listen I didn’t like, Okay and I hate you. Yeah! That’s one thing I would like to do.”



A common question, “Why you should be the next miss world?”

Vanya’s ans: “I believe the next miss world should be a woman with a kind heart and humility who wherever she goes makes their people feel that she is their own, somebody who carries simple values in this complex world, somebody who believes in herself and this is what I believe I am.”


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